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The method

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    You wrote ls (meaning l: the letter) and spaces to define parts and different colours. that's all.
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    No, you doof, I mean HOW did I write them? (by the way, the image contains no spaces; the "spaces" are white l's). I did not just sit down and start typing [ color=white]lllllllllllllllll[ color=ff0000]llll[/color]lll ...
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    Answer whited out:

    You had someone else do it for you and promised to pay them back, but they're moving to mexico and with all of the excitement, they never asked you for their money, thus you get away with another scam.
    I know Im right...
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    Maybe something like this. :smile:
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    No, I said I didn't use fancy tools. I'm planning on MAKING a fancy tool to do it automatically, but I don't have that yet.
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    You used an ASCII art tool conversion tool on a very small image like an icon.
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    I used no fancy tools. Except for Eclipse (which, as I said, I did not use except as a text editor, and Notepad or Wordpad could have easily substituted) the tools I used came with Windows.
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    microsoft paint ???
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    Yes, that was one thing; I used MS Paint to draw the original image.
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    just used copy paste from some internet place......
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    Oh, I see what you're asking.

    You made the image manually. It's tiny, one pixel per ... well ... pixel. Then you scaled the image up, say 10x. Each one pixel becomes a 10x10 square.
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    Yes, Dave, that was my general plan. I made the image tiny in Paint, and then I somehow transferred it into a text file with color tags. How did I manage that conversion? There's a particular trick I used.
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    The only tool I used besides Paint was a word processor. I did not use Notepad but you can do the trick in Notepad.
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    Ah. Well, you can save the file as an uncompressed bitmap, then give it a .txt (or whatever) extension. Open it in Word and do global search & replaces (eg: search for 000,000,000 and replace with <font colour=black>, etc.).
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    You can? I don't know about Word, I have WordPerfect...

    But search and replace is the general idea. I assigned a color to a letter, like X=blue, Y=white, etc. and typed the image, then did search and replace.
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