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  1. Some time ago I posted the following:

    "Can someone give me an idea of how to include (the scan of) a small diagram - say 1/4 to 1/3 of the size of an A4 page (thus not the whole page) - into a post - in such a way as the diagram is visible to the reader - that is he/she does not have to open a pdf file.

    Peter "

    I got some helpful answers and began to use the Irfan image editor.

    But now I am at a different location and only have access to a Mac.

    All I want to do is select a small portion of an A4 pdf and post the selected text as a PNG file in a post - but (really strangely given Mac's reputation) I cannot find software for this simple task.

    Can anyone suggest software and a process to do the above.

    Hope someone can help.

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  3. jtbell

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    Mac OS comes with a Grab utility that you can use to capture a selection from the screen and save it as a TIFF file. Then you can use the Preview utility to convert it to a PNG.

    1. Open the PDF file and display the page that you want to capture the image from.

    2. Find Grab in the Applications --> Utilities folder, and launch it.

    3. From the Capture menu, choose Selection.

    4. Drag the mouse over the section of the screen that you want to capture. A window will appear with an image of your selection.

    5. From the File menu, choose Save, which saves the image as a TIFF file, in a location you can choose.

    6. Quit from Grab.

    7. In the Finder, double-click the TIFF file. It should open up in the Mac OS Preview application.

    8. From the File menu, choose Export. In the Format dropdown menu, you can choose PNG.
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  4. Thank you ... Really appreciate your help ...

  5. D H

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    Use the Help Center!


    The above instructions will drop a file on your desktop labeled "Screen Shot <date> at <time>". That might be good enough. Then again, it might be a bit big. To change the size of the image, open it with Preview, click on Tools and select "Adjust Size ...". Now adjust the size.

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  6. Thank you ... That is most helpful advice ... Peter
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