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The past generation is responsible for today's obesity problem

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    Right now, my parents are angry at me because I won't eat with them. I'm just not hungry. I had a big breakfast and I haven't done any physical activity all day, so I have no need to eat more at this time. That doesn't matter though, they're still angry and being dramatic because I won't eat when I'm not hungry. What the hell? Why is the entire previous generation like this? If I don't eat my parents food, they get offended. If I don't eat my grandparents food, they get offended. If I don't eat food at a friend's house, his parents are offended.
    This doesn't seem to be tied to any specific culture. My still-alive grandparents are English, one of friends is Italian, a few are Vietnamese, one is German, one is Irish, one is Jewish (she won't tell me what country she's from), one is French, and I have a few others with anomalous heritages. All of these people have parents that are like this.

    Mystery solved. Stop forcing people to eat when they're not hungry.
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    There are starving kids in China who would kill for a plate of food, quite being so ungrateful.
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    everything is responsible for everything.
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    Because people work to make the food and you aren't eating it. What if you were... say in class and you did your homework and your teacher comes into class the day its due and goes "well, ive decided not to collect the homework". I'd just tell them ahead of time if you are not hungry. I've beared the brunt of this before as well so i either just shut up and eat a little or tell them ahead of time that im not hungry.
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    no, but you may be responsible for incomprehensible posts
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    god dammit quit jumping in before me and putting posts when I'm answering a previous post. I'll tell you when I'm done then you can post. okay I'm done
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    i agree

    this forum seems to have disproportionally large numbers of non-sensicle posts and circular logic.
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    roar!!!! How dare you speak to the supreme penguin leader like that!

    *draws his light saber* BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!
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    nonsense it does too
    you did it again you son of b,.
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    one takes responsibility or one gives blame/makes excuses. either way, their actions affect everything and everyone.

    Time must be perceived as the totality of Time, and never as a particular fragment. wisdom arises thusly.

    ex.: we used oil cause it was cheap and easy and beneficial to many, in a particular fragment of time. the use of oil thusly has created a sense of dependancy, and resulted, in Time, to the costly effort of cleaning and fixing the problems created by, what seemed to be very beneficial and cheap. see how short-sightedness results in contradictory results of to what was initially intended?

    action taken out of Time and projected intentionally in time, virtually always result in hypocracy and contradiction of the initial intention.
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    I think I understand. for example, I thought it would be benificial for me to read your entire post. Upon reading it became slightly tired and sick to my stomach. Now I am going to go poop and go to sleep. Now I won't be reading more posts for the rest of the night. Wow.
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    responsibility is taken when the whole is perceived and taken into account, when choosing. selfishness and passing blame only leads to more contradiction and passing of blame. someone must take responsibility for all that has happened and all that is to happen and act, knowing that karma runs endlessly deep.

    it was "me" who decided to profit from oil, and it is "me" who must take responsibility for and clean up "my" mess, caused by "my" ignorance.

    it's always just a "me", though "you" perceive "me" as a "you", when i say, "I am Me". we all say I am "Me". so we all share the experience of being "me". "me" could be anyone of "us". in fact, it is all of us.
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    What if I say "I" am not listening to "you" because "you" ramble and "I" think "you" are a nut?
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    pick a thread for your smilies and stick to it. because the consequences of "you" or is it "we", no "you" have too much time on your hands
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    first i'd ask: Who are you talking to?
    then i'd say that you haven't recognized your own self.

    you think you are so seperate and individual, when in fact you are completely dependant, though you may not see it, or fully understand it.
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    or care about it
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    so then it is, that you are ignorant. further, you wish to remain ignorant, as you would rather ignore the opportunity to find out.

    i ask again: who are you talking to?
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    according to you I'm talking to everyone
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