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The prerequisites for a Msc. of Nuclear Engineering

  1. Jun 30, 2015 #1
    (I have searched the forums, but I could not find a very similar discussion to this.)

    I am just starting my B.S. in Physics, and I am very excited! My end goal is to get a degree in Medical Physics, but I just started brainstorming and researching other options. Is a conventional B.S. in physics enough to qualify for a master of science in Nuclear Engineering. (Different universities might have different prerequisites, right?) My understanding is that the requirements for a master's program in an engineering field are different from those of a purely scientific field. What additional courses should I take if I want to ensure that I will be able to qualify for such a program?
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    They can and may be different. Sometimes you may be required to make-up some undergraduate work that is found in only in dedicated engineering programmes. I'll let an engineer fill you in on what those courses may be. I'm sure things related to principles of design and perhaps an ethics course.

    And yes - a BSc. in physics is excellent preparation for a MSc. in Nuclear Engineering.
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