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The process of the method of images

  1. Jul 19, 2015 #1
    I am really confused that the whole process of the method of image.

    Suppose I have the + q near the infinite conducting plane which is grounded.
    My first question is: Is the conducting plane grounded before putting the +q or after putting the +q then grounded?

    The first question would lead to my second question.

    If I have an infinite neutral plane, then I am putting a +q near it, it will induce the negative charge on the plane. Next, I grounded the plane, so the positive charges on the plane will be neutralized (All the positive charges flowing away). After that, what you remain is the induced negative charges on the plane.

    In another case, I am going to ground the infinite neutral plane first, then put the positive charge near the plane. Can the plane also be induced negative charges? If yes, will the +charges flow away?
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    No matter you ground it first or later, I think the plane would both remain negative charges, which is induced by +q.
    The method of the image can be grabbed directly by the concept of electrostatic shielding. Maybe you can try on it.
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    If you could find a gold leave electroscope you could try these experiments very easily.
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    Thank you!
    I am going to find this electroscope.
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