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The Pseudo Radiation Energy Amplifier

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    The Pseudo Radiation Energy Amplifier
    (PREA) and the mean earth’s ground
    Ahmed Boucenna
    Laboratoire DAC, Département de Physique
    Faculté des Sciences, Université Ferhat Abbas, 19 000 Sétif,
    From the radiation balance diagram1 illustrating
    the IPCC reports2 one can estimate the power
    received by Earth from the sun at Pin = 342 W/m2
    and the power consumed, remitted and reflected by
    the earth and its atmosphere at Pout = 599 kW/m2. It
    seems that the earth emits more power than it
    receives. The earth’s ground mean temperature is
    estimated at 15 °C. A calculation based on the black
    body radiation theory gives an earth’s ground mean
    temperature of the order of -18 °C which is much
    lower than 15 °C. The important gap between these
    calculated and estimated temperature mean values
    requires an explanation. Here we show that a gray
    body separated from vacuum by an interface and
    submitted to outside incident radiation can behave
    like a Pseudo Radiation Energy Amplifier. The
    Earth which is a gray body separated from the
    space by an interface, behaves like a Pseudo
    Radiation Energy Amplifier. The balance of the
    energy exchanged between Earth and outer space is
    reconsidered and the 15 °C Earth’s ground
    temperature mean value is then derived. Our result
    revives the discussion on the parameters that
    control the Earth climate. The solar and terrestrial
    radiation reflection coefficients by the earth and its
    atmosphere acquire a privileged role. The Pseudo
    Radiation Energy Amplifier can be a starting point
    to improve the energy use. The materials having the
    adequate reflection coefficients will be indicated for
    specific applications.-----------------------------,

    I am not sure i understand this.
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    Re: Prea

    Sounds strange. Or is this person re-discovering the greenhouse effect ?
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    Re: Prea

    It appears to me that he creates energy
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