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The relationship between energy and matter

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    I would like to ask the scientists out there about the relationship between matter and energy. It seems that the following is true… 1) Energy and matter exist, 2) energy cannot be created or destroyed (law of thermodynamics), 3) energy can turn into matter (particles) and then be destroyed back into energy. 4) The definition of energy is the ability to do work, more exactly Force x Distance.

    Given that the above are true, my question is can energy exist if there is no matter to exert force upon?

    For instance, if the universe ends up in Heat Death (all matter being turned into energy), then there is no matter to exert force on, so what happens to energy?

    Philosophically, I think this is important, since we could say that matter is really just an illusion of energy.

    So, this is my theory…

    Perhaps the universe started in an unending field of energy, then though some random event the energy gets distorted and these distortions result in the formation of particles and as a result, the entire universe is formed (the big bang). Think of energy being a piece of unending rope and though some random fluctuations, the rope forms into a knot. On a sub atomic level, this knot would be a particle. If you took many of these tiny knots and put them as parts of a much larger knot, then you have a “universe knot” consisting of all matter and the energy trapped inside.

    For my example to work philosophically, we must recognize that before the knot there is a rope (energy) and after you tie the knot there is a knot (particles/universe) and rope (energy). Since something cannot come from nothing (energy cannot be created or destroyed) we cannot say that the knot is separate from the rope, but rather an expression or state or illusion of the distorted rope.

    So, the random distortion of energy creates the “universe knot” (big bang) wherein all of the laws of nature/physics are setup an obeyed – a closed system. Humans and our relationship to the universe is based off of the formation and manipulation of matter (can not observe anything unless it affects matter). So, from our point of view it is the illusion of the individual (matter) that drives our daily struggles, though ultimately we are all just manifestations of energy – I guess you could call this the oneness of the universe.

    With this theory, the universe does not need a beginning, since the beginning of the universe is really just the start of the illusion that all matter is apart from energy / one another. It also gets rid of a creator and the Self for the same reasons. It respects all current laws of science since we are saying that matter is not invalid just because it is really the essence of potential energy, but rather really pretty important if you live inside the “universe knot”. Plus, the universe has a happy ending where we all get broken up back into its natural state of raw energy to go make random universes, particles, etc elsewhere.

    So, that’s it. Any thoughts?

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    You already had these questions answered in another thread: there are other forms of energy besides mechanical energy. Light, for example. So no, it doesn't require matter to exist. In a heat death, all energy is electromagnetic and matter is not required.

    This isn't philosophy and isn't a theory, it's just a poor understanding/acceptance of science/reality, mixed with rambling gibberish. Please do not repost this.
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