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The time before sentient beings

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    I'll probably end up sounding like a retard but here is my question.

    If particles are only tendicies (wabbling in/as waves) until a measurement has been made (wave collapse/position determined), how did the their waves collapse back when there were no sentient beings alive (before Earth was formed)?

    and another question.

    Say there is another universe just like ours, but during all its life, no life ever got created. Would it never exist since, its waves will never collapse?

    Thanks! I am a person very interested in this stuff but I do confess I only know only a little bit more than the basics.
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    Yeh the whole 'wave form collapses when view' thing ****s me no end. It has raised questions about a cosmic big brother that caused us all to exist, though im not sure i buy it.

    the surrounding theories like sum over histories and stuff is quite interesting though
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    What does Sentient have to do with wave form collapse??
    It collapses when it interacts with something.
    Now if that something that it interacts with kicks off a photo multiplier effect inside a detector that can translate that to a printout you can read. Why (and how) would the collapse wait for you to come around to read it before it collapses, just because you’re sentient?
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