The ultimate energy source

In summary, the conversation discusses the idea of the most ultimate energy source that should be used in the future. While there are various options such as wind, solar, and geothermal, the sun is seen as the ultimate source due to its ability to sustain life on Earth. However, fusion and other more esoteric sources may also be considered, as well as the fact that all energy ultimately comes from fusion.
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Thinking of 2019 and what kind of information we are being exposed of; What do you think is the most ultimate energy source that should be used from now on?
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Hi slomeim
Kind of a vague question, don't you think.

I would think that the "ultimate" energy source is still the sun, as it keeps the Earth at a reasonable temperature for plants and animals, including us, to be able to live on it.
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ESL. How we are harvesting, converting and using energy, oil is most likely not being used as a energy source in the future. Of course thermodynamics physics is involved. To clear it up; the sun. wind, waves or geo. Or some other energy source which is to cone?
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Fusion and similar phenomena. Also some rather esoteric sources I can't discuss here now. Wind and solar are weak temporary solutions.
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All energy humans have ever used ultimately came from fusion, so there you go - its fusion

1. What is "The ultimate energy source"?

"The ultimate energy source" refers to a hypothetical source of energy that would provide unlimited and sustainable power for all human needs. It is often described as a source of energy that is clean, safe, and renewable, with no negative impact on the environment.

2. Is "The ultimate energy source" a realistic possibility?

While there is no single energy source that can meet all of our needs, scientists are continuously researching and developing new technologies to harness various renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, and geothermal energy. These advancements bring us closer to the concept of an "ultimate energy source."

3. What are the potential benefits of "The ultimate energy source"?

If we were able to find and utilize an "ultimate energy source," it would bring numerous benefits, including reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, mitigating climate change, and providing more affordable and accessible energy to communities around the world.

4. What are the challenges in developing "The ultimate energy source"?

The main challenge in developing an "ultimate energy source" lies in finding a way to efficiently and reliably harness and store large amounts of energy. Additionally, there may be economic and political barriers to implementing such a technology on a global scale.

5. How close are we to finding "The ultimate energy source"?

While we have not yet found a single energy source that can meet all of our needs, significant progress has been made in developing and utilizing renewable energy sources. With continued research and advancements in technology, we may one day come closer to the concept of an "ultimate energy source."

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