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A Theoretical Magnetic Propulsion

  1. Jul 29, 2016 #1
    I was curious to the effects of a strong electromagnetic field applied to an object at distance. The field must be able to quickly activate and deactivate in order to account for the distance traveled towards the object as to eliminate the force applied to the source of the field by the object. I do apologize If that didn't make sense, basically if you move a object with a magnet you can feel the force applied by the object. What would happen if you could apply the force to the object and then turn off the source of the magnetic field before the object had a chance to return the force?
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    In order for this to happen, the object would need to be located a large distance from the source. It would necessarily be located within the "far-field" region of the transmitter. I say transmitter because that's essentially what the source would become; a transmitter for electromagnetic radiation.
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