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I There are two solutions in one image-charge problem?

  1. Dec 22, 2016 #1
    there are two different solutions in one question
    !! which one is correct??
    the first one is written by griffiths

    the second one is written by a lecturer.

    they are not consistent in the same question
    So which one is correct?
    thank you

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    Well, in the preceding section Griffiths gives an alternative way to calculate the work !
    It's not too complicated to integrate the force you calculated over the path bx = ay from ##\infty## to ##(a,b)## .
    (And you can simplify by setting ##a=b## -- all you're after is factor of 2).

    This thread should be in the homework forum.
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    It looks more like a studying question so far, so we can leave it here for now.
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