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Thermal Energy storage of phase change material

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    Hi all you braniacs out there.... I am a final year mechanical engineering student. I need to do a final year project on numerical simulation on melting of phase change material.. I will be required to make use of gambit and fluent CFD software of which i have no idea about... However currently, my main concern is to define a scope of the study which i intend to do.. It has got to do with the above topic... I will most probably require to do a study, modelling and numerical simulation on melting of PCM in a rectangular enclosure.

    However, i am free to define a scope, such as maybe putting fins on the enclosure to increase the heat transfer rate and so on... I am quite void of ideas... Does anyone have any suggestions?? I am open to any ideas..

    plus any recommendation for books that i could pick to do some literature review??

    Thanks for letting me waste your time...
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    WEll other than ur heat transfer book u can ask ur university for Fluent tutorials provided by the manufacturer of the program they have EXACTLY the same problem ur trying to solve, a tutorial involving phase change :). As for ideas i think fins is a good idea, other ideas would be difficult to solve in FLuent especially that u can't use 2 different fluids.
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    Anthro, there was a project in european 6th Marco Program called Distor that was to design, build and test a PCM heat exchanger for solar CSP plants (I was involved). Find a web related:
    http://www.iberdrolaingenieria.com/ibding/contenido/documentacion/14.pdf [Broken]
    good luck
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    Oh like wow man deja vu to the max dude

    I worked on a similar project in 1979/80!

    It was a Jimmy Carter solar energy technology development grant looking at phase change materials in a hybrid (active & passive) solar energy device.

    It was cancelled by Reagan along with all the other solar research but I've always thought PCMs would one day find their application.

    Anyone can do a finite element model these days. It's the boundary conditions, the inputs to your model that make things interesting. Look to your inputs for ideas for making this a useful project. Maybe two modes of heating, partially submerged with air on top or something. Invent something.

    OIC a post indicating only one fluid at a time. But what if you used superposition and summed two simulations? The prof might like that.

    The thing we were working on was a window replacement with the PCM tubes in the middle, and louvers on each side, reconfigured at dawn and dusk. Gather the heat of the sun in the day, heat the house at night. Maybe something like that.

    Can you share any specs, i.e. size, form factor, temps, heat capacities, etc?
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    Considering he was a final year engineering student 3 years ago, I think he probably already solved the problem.
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