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Thermodynamics (not too difficult apparently)

  1. Oct 11, 2006 #1

    I've been given a question and I'm just a bit unsure about how to proceed.

    "A compressor takes air at 300K and 1atm, and delivers compressed air at 2atm, using 200W of power. If the process is adiabatic and reversible, what is the rate that air is delivered, and what is the final temperature of the air? [k of air = 1.40]"

    Now the final air temperature i'm ok with (i hope)
    using: T/(p^((k-1)/k)) = constant, i get a final temp of ~366K (which seems reasonable to me considering it has been compressed)

    The part that is giving me a headache is the rate of delivery section. Could i have a pointer in the right direction, please?

    Thanks in advance
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    Power is the rate of doing work. Some work had to be done to compress the gas. Does that help?
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