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Thermohaline Circulation/Quaternary Glaciation

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    I am in the middle of my finals and have got a question how the thermohaline circulation of the atlantic ocean operates and how researchers have linked it to Quaternary glaciation. Could use any help at all as really struggling to put together 5000 words on this.

    Thanks in advance
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    I'm afraid that the number of hypotheses of the THC in relation to the Pleistocene glaciations is only surpassed by the number of hypotheses trying to explain the 100ky cycle.

    I think the best thing to do is write an essay in wikipedia style. Mention all ideas, with a strenght and weakness analysis for all of them, concluding that the jury is still out.
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    And rather than copying -perhaps obsolete- textbook wishdom, it might help to peek at the latest devellopments. Keyword is Margo here.

    But notice the color of the Arctic ocean on this more recent map.
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