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Theveninizing a Wheatstone Bridge Circuit

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    I'm working on a problem that has me confused. Perhaps someone might know of a resource with examples of different Wheatstone bridge circuits both balanced and unbalanced that use Thevenin's Theorem by eliminating different resistors from the bridge. The bridge I'm working with has one DC source. I would like help understanding how to 'see' the new circuit and redraw it once one of the resistors, any given resistor, has been removed from the bridge. Each position that a resistor holds after being removed from the circuit poses new configurations. I'm working with 5 resistors in my circuit. One on each side of the diamond with the fifth one acting as the bridge between the two parallel branches. I've already solved the problem with the removal of the resistor acting as the bridge. Now I need to keep the bridge resistor intact and remove one of the resistors that are in series, say on the 'top' [R2]. Thank you in advance for your suggestions.
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