Thinking of getting a degree in nuclear engineering.

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Hello everyone,

I'm thinking of getting in the the nuclear engineer field.
I want to know if getting a degree in electrical or mechanical engineering first would help?

I want to get a degree in one of these two first, but I don't know which one would transition better for nuclear engineering.

Thank You!
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I might be able to help you with that.

I am an undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student. After I graduate I am going to be commissioned as a Nuclear Engineering Officer for the Navy. After being briefed on the knowledge required for my commission I must say I am very happy that I am currently a Mechanical Engineer.

Mechanical Engineers have detailed classes in Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Power Systems, and many of the building blocks for Nuclear Power Plants. As far as the theory goes, you will probably learn more about Nuclear Physics as an ME than an EE as well. We have to take Physics III, a modern physics class that covers quantum mechanics and nuclear sciences (however only briefly).

Don't get me wrong, Electrical Engineering is also a great degree. Of course Nuclear Power Plants are electronically run and you could also use electrical principles to develop their control systems (You learn some controls in ME as well). Also keep in mind that Mechanical Engineers touch a little bit of all the other engineering disciplines so you will have a fundamental electronics class and possibly more depending on where you get your degree.

Anyway that was my rant, I hope it helps!

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