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Continuing to study physics or move to nuclear engineering?

  1. May 11, 2017 #1
    Hi. I'm a physics student in Italy.

    Within a year I hope to have gotten my three years degree. Usually, after that, physics students continue studying in their field choosing among theoretical, astrophysics, particle, nuclear, etc...

    Starting from next year we have the opportunity to move to nuclear engineering without any debts. I'm very interested in this possibility.

    What do you think? Talking about job and money, do I guess correctly that it's a more appealing field?

    Unfortunately, very smart people here in italy killed any opportunity to use nuclear power as energy source. Some work may still remain but I'm very open to move away.

    Thank you.
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    Look at the countries you might consider moving to, and find out which are using, and continuing to build, nuclear power stations. Then, for those same countries, try to assess the job opportunities you might find with a physics degree. Money is certainly not everything, but a gross lack of it can be a serious problem.
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