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Homework Help: This is from a Diff EQ but but its just algebra i think?

  1. Oct 25, 2006 #1
    this is from a Diff EQ but but its just algebra i think??

    I'm just working through an example here and its say to solve the equation


    for t. then in the next line it shows it solved for


    now i have been trying to fihure this out for awhile and its frustrating me, and i just cant seem to move on until i understand what im not doing. can someone show me the steps involved in solving for e^(-rt) before i thrash this book or also recomend a program that will show algebraic steps in solving equation so that i dont have to spend hours figuring my retarted math mistakes out.
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    Is ynot dy/dt?

    And why do you multiply ynot/k by 1 in the first equation you posted? It looks like it may be a typo
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