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This might be a silly question but

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    At my 2 year community college, every associates degree requires at least 1 humanity, 1 social science, and 1 of either humanity / social science.

    So my question is, at 4 year colleges are these courses required as well for a Bachelors degree? Even in something like a BS in math?
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    What country are you in? Assuming the US, yes. Approximately half of your units/credits will be stuff not related to your degree.
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    Is it exactly 3 for degrees that are not humanity focused like math degree?

    I mean, if I take 3 of them, then transfer to 4 year college and find out I only needed 2..

    I don't like humanities...

    edit: Yes, United States
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    It'll probably be a lot more than 3.
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    Try looking at some 4-year college/university web sites to see their "general education" requirements.
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    It really depends on your school. In the USA, there are a lot of required courses that don't have anything to do with your major. At my CC they require 6 Arts/Humanities, 3 Communication, 6 English, 2 PE, 6 Social Science, 3 Social Sciance/Arts/Humanities (26 credits) in addition to the 38 credits specific to an AS in Physics. This comes to 64 credits, the minimum credits possible to get an AS at their institution.

    The nature of many transfer programs is such that after attaining your AA/AS, the transfer institution waives their "core curriculum" and you can focus on your major. So it's key that you find out which credits transfer. For example if I transfer to an in-state university I won't have to take any more Liberal Arts 101 classes.... but if I go out-of-state to a university that doesn't have a matriculation agreement my transcript would be audited credit by credit by some desk jockey who would decide what classes counted.. and which classes I'd have to retake.

    So like I said, it depends. If your school has an agreement with other universities then you likely won't need to take more useless classes. If they don't, you will. It's worth mentioning that most universities require more than 3 humanities courses, so I'd suggest following jtbell's advice ASAP. If the university you intend to transfer to requires more than your CC does you'd be better off taking them now while they're cheap.
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    My advice would be to try not to close your mind so much. The reason most schools make students take courses outside of their major is to broaden the education that they provide. It also enables you to meet and interact intellectually with different people.

    Take a good look through your course calendar. There should be something that you find remotely interesting. If you're a mathematics student most univerisities will offer courses like the history of mathematics and/or science, or philosophy courses on logic, ethics, and/or the scientific method.
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    I got my BA at a small liberal arts college in the US. We had to take 3 writing courses, a diversity course, a math or science, a history or social study, a humanity, and an art.
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