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Threshold frequency of metals

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    Is there fixed data for the threshold frequency of metals?

    For example, is it possible to find out the threshold frequency of iron or copper?


    does threshold frequency vary so greatly that with 2 blocks of iron, the theshold frequency could differ between them?

    Depending on the answer, do you know of anywhere online where I could find the threshold frequency of various metals?
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    For a pure element, it's fixed.

    Here is a link that should help.

    http://www.standnes.no/chemix/periodictable/ionization-potential-table.htm [Broken]
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    Is this about the photoelectric effect?
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    Wiki gives a list of work functions of metals here (chart at bottom of page) from which you can derive the threshold frequencies.;;


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    After reading about the photoelectric effect, I posted this so I suppose you could say it is, yes
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