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Thunderstorm pictures and hot pixels

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    So the other evening, the last at Mont Cru, nature finally regaled me with a beautiful thunderstorm. So I set myself up and shot lots of 30 sec exposures during an hour of awesome display. Many pixs were useless, between nothing captured and a complete white out, but some dozen seemed very nice like this:


    But when I examined the pics more closely, I discovered a lot, maybe a dozen, hot pixels. I thought that this would be rather unacceptable for a camera like that. But after some reading like this maybe it was not that bad at all.

    So I tried that hot pixel elimunator in that link, with this result:


    The original crop on top shows three hot pixels, from left to right a blue, red, and white one. The white light on the left is a light indeed, no hot pixel. The bottom crop after applying the eliminator, only shows a little bit of the red one left
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    Stunning picture, Andre! Awesome display. Nature reminds us how small we are!
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    Absolutely Astronuc and thanks

    Here are some of the best shots, notice that the wind created ghost images of the leaves in some of them.







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    Andy Resnick

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    spectacular pics!
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