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TI-89 - how to delete equation on numeric solver?

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    The topic says it all. I am trying to figure out how to delete unwanted equations out of my TI-89 "numeric solver" app. I consulted the manual.....nothing. I have googled and youtubed........nothing. Any help here would be great as I love the numeric solver app but it is becoming hard to find the right equation because there are so many in the folder now.

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    I'm sorry you are not finding help at the moment. Is there any additional information you can share with us?
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    Gonna need help with this too. There is no information online
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    Your Ti-89 should retain 11 equations in the Numeric Solver. I believe you should be able to delete the specific variable name and that should delete the equation. As you edit and add equations, the oldest equation will drop off the list too. If you have the list of 11 equations from the numeric screen (F5), toggle to that equation and delete (not sure of this, but should work and be the most efficient).

    Thanks for the question, I never bothered to worry about this as I just entered new equations and let the calculator just add and drop the old equations off. This is not efficient by any means, but I don't use my Ti-89 all that much, so I didn't realize I only had 11 equations available.

    One suggestion, not sure if practical or even possible: I had suspected I may need to insert equations as comments in a BASIC program and pick and save into the solver. Awkward, but it would provide for more than 11 equations and in a convoluted file sort of way (different program names for different families of equations). I will dig into this over the weekend and provide an updated answer if any of the above is wrong or not feasible.

    If you need more than 11 equations; for reference let us know how you accomplish?
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    Thanks a lot, hopefully people can use this as their reference as this link is the first one one google
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    Update: I am NOT able to delete the equations in my numeric solver list. Not really a big deal as they do fall off the list as I add more equations.

    And I am not able to cut and paste from my comment lines in basic, but that may be due to my errors of operation using the cut and paste features.

    While 11 equations in the numeric solver list is better than a single equation as used by the Ti-83, it is still limited for a student with several math intensive classes with many different types of equations. True you can toggle through the list and grab what you want, but not as flexible nor as extensive as it could have been.
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    1) You can not delete the equations in F5.
    2) But, you can save many equations in calculator's memory for later use.

    Save equation:
    1) Type your equation in numeric solver.
    2) press F1 , select "Save Copy As" then select Folder and enter variable name(equation name) then press [enter][enter].

    Reload equation into numeric solver:
    In numeric solver mode, press F1, select "Open" then select Folder and select your variable (equation name).
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    If you want to DELETE a saved equation, just press [2nd][VAR-LINK], highlight the equation and then press [F1]/[Delete].
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