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TI-89 Basic Physics Settings/Calculations Help

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    Ok, new to the forum and taking my first real science credit physics course (I have taken one prior but it doesnt count towards the major). I'm in somewhat of a bind here as i just got a TI-89 titanium thinking that more was inherently better, im now regretting this decision. When i go to do a simple equation such as finding a projectiles velocity in the x direction on a plane, i would enter the equation 950cos(75), (final speed being 950m/s, and the angle being 75deg.) i get this: 475*(√(3)-1)*√(2)/2. Now, ive looked through the manual, and do believe i am on the proper settings. I have also had the professor take a look at it but he couldn't figure it out either. After some extensive googling i figured someone here could help me out.

    Thank you.

    Issue Resolved
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    Good to hear, please stop back!
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    For future reference, for anybody else that has this problem, here are two ways to fix this:

    In the Mode settings, change Exact/Approx to Approximate.

    Alternatively, if you add a decimal point instead, like 950.cos(75), the decimal value will be returned as opposed to the exact value with radicals.
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    Another way to get around this is if you use "Auto" as your Exact/Approx mode and you want to see the approximate answer, hit the green diamond key and then enter instead of just enter. This will display the approximate answer.
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