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Time, what is time?

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    Time, what is time? *****

    There is time, let us ponder time. There is a future we don’t know but into which we are heading by every moment, every second if you please. A second is a crystal vibrating 358325673286789267 times during 1 second. It’s defined that way because a (perhaps drunken) primate a few houndred years ago, the magnificient creator of the clock, before it hearbeats were used for physical experiments to measure distance travelled during time. How far during one heartbeat? Time is a word. It is a layered structure, each layer justifying the next, the ago justifying the now. The now justifying the future. The moment between past and future is infinitely small.
    Time is hard to define, we all know the meaning of that word knowing 1 second is that time defined, 1 minute is 60 seconds, why not 100? no reason, history chose that way. 365 days during a year, one rotation of our planet around the star. During one rotation it spins 365 times like a toy, spinning around its own axis (a line going through the middle of the sphere which is our earth).
    We can imagine ourselves ourside a sphere, there have been astronauts in space, bodies in space seeing what we see in pictures taken by them. I could be one of them, I am a body in space. Some of these bodies have been in space with video cameras, we ever put a giant telescope in space.
    Time is that which during thought occurs. Thought is necessary, time is necessary for thought. I exist, I think and I am. I exist and I know it for certain because if I was being fooled… being fooled is thinking. I exist. I am. There is existence hence, we deduced our own existence.
    This was first done in the 1600s, being 400 years ago. So 400 times the planet has rotated and during that time people have been able to deduce their own existence, the others have simply assumed it.
    We can assume our past conclusions, by doing this conclusions become a layered structure. Layer upon layer, each layer representing conclusions. So time and conclusions are linked.
    There was life 3.8 billion years ago. We find their bones (cell walls, the cavities their cell walls left in rocks. The wall itself is long decayed like flowers decay, but rocks remain and in them old molecules. Molecules we can date because they contain atoms decaying, though not like electromagnetically kept stable structures like animals decay. Atoms decay by their nucleus decaying, a trillionth of the size of the atom is the nucleus. That thing can split, it contains say 200 particles (neutrons and protons we call them). So the uranium257 contains 257 particles in its nucleus. Hence its name. There are some such connections, when we build naming conventions on truth we use the universal system – the one used by beings on other planets on other galaxies. We’ve seen 100 billion galaxies, we counted them. 100 000 000 000. We cannot imagine it, but it represents not that many rotations of our planet (not time) but of stuff, of amount. We can count things. Call a thing one and agree with others on the name. One banana, though a banana is billions of cells each of billions of atoms. The banana part of “one” tree. Part of one planet. Part of one solar system. Part of these stars among which we are. 400 000 000 000 of them in our galaxy, that many stars. That thing we call a galaxy, we have a name for it. A disk-shaped structure of billions of stars, language adding to vision and we have seen these things using our space telescope (and not without blur in groundbased telescopes).
    Here, have this fact. It is a fact about the world my body is in. This world of stuff, materials, matter. And their movement, their energy. The movement of atoms being heat. Bumping into the sensors hence a realm of mind which has doors bumped into from outside, what’s outside? particlewavesbeams. We describe it, what else could we do.
    A realm of mind able to observe itself, that is what I am. Two brainhalves.
    The situation we find ourselves in is not one we could have guessed, without exploring the nature we find ourselvs in. We have had a history of exploration but also exploration in thought such as I think and I am. We are able to deduce our way to visual representation, the same man who realized that conclusion 400 years ago (a fact) realized that algebra can be shown visually using graphs, cartesian coordinates are what we call coordinates. Cartes invented them, Rene Descartes. The inventor of the existence of I, that there is a thought, one thought. 1+1=2, we can have this language and it makes sense in imagination. One and one added, put on top really is two, becomes two without us intervening. 1 and 1 really is 2. it could be said “1+1” but instead of saying that we say 2. But they are equal.
    E=mcc is a conclusion given by Einstein. What does it mean? We cannot iamgine it because it is the consituents of the universe, it is a description. Description in the realm of mind, evolved during 3.5 billion years by the survival of most surviving during a continuation of ancestors giving birth to offspring and they later giving birth to offsping. This process we call the survival of the most surviving. Because some died. And our parents werent ones of them. If they had been we wouldn’t be here, right?
    So by mutation occurring in every generation. When ancestor gives rise to child, the child is not identical to its parent. Life was self-copying, asexual reproduction. Just a single thing dividing as our cells do when skin-cells need to be replaced.
    Symbiosis is cells cooperating. Two brianhalves, two giant organs each of billions of cells. Two brainhalves in symbiosis across corpus collosum, the structure between the brainhalves that we can see if we google it.

    A blog is the best way to present these truths. How could I keep to one path, how could i not drift into neurology, like society science is sectioned into different compartments. But we need to intertwine both.

    Someone who is not me must have the task of putting together my posts, collecting the important things into a book. I cannot do it, I am trying but what would be best is if someone would dwell in my fountain of knolwedge, as I build upon my ancestor's realizations and they on their ancestors' ancestor's's's's'''''''....

    Conclusions are best summed by Isac Newton: If I have seen further than other men it is only because I have stoof on the shoulders of giants. Built upon the old, taking Descarte's 1600 realization adding to it Einsteins 1905 realization. WHen trying to combine these two facts, try it I dont even have to do it for you. The conclusion is amazing, transforming.
    We are always going into the future, we are building society and we still are, more houses need more people - people need houses. We love eachother, we are good. We take this for granted but it evolved by the survival of most surviving, those survived who did like we do. Our 100 or 1000 years during which industrial revolution happened... is just 1000 years out of 3 500 000 000 years and that out of 14 000 000 000 years. Before that? we don't see further in space but galaxies are moving apart. What happened before? Perhaps we are to not know our far past just like we dont remember our past. And what will happen in 100 billion years, long before earth has been engulfed as the sun dies (5 000 000 000 years from today).

    This connects astronomy to history, astronomy is in the sizescale level 7 and humans level 5. History, the sizescale moves through history and atoms of course, obviously, behave as they ought to do, we can predict them! but not complex collections like a cell, 100 billion atoms in a cell.

    100 billion cells in a brain, the human brain shaped by evolution.

    To bring conclusions together, we are heading into the future. We understand our past, we understand what we are thanks to it. The I is added description to, its background is the sizescale moving through time. Like a cross that can be drawn on a wall. Left-right meaning time, up-down meaning size of observer. A sizescale moving through time, representable on a wall. Kinda, we cant draw all that can happen in the world of galaxies (galaxies colliding, stars in galaxies exploding shining stronger than all stars together).

    I have gained these descriptions from other primates. Here, I give them to you. Transferring them from generation to next, giving them making them obvious for the children. That I exist is what we assume, we all know the earth is a sphere. This knowledge is shared, it is free and available thanks to the internet and science who just 20 years ago (out of 3 500 000 000 years or 1000 years) realized we are primates on a planet with a space telescope outside the planet in vaccum of space, occupied by light and a space telescope brought there from earth. Made of the stuff we are made of, same 100 spheres, periodic table.

    Crude but it shows some pretty damn good pictures.
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    Re: Time, what is time? *****

    Try to organize your posts better so they are reader friendly.
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    Re: Time, what is time? *****

    There are no banana trees.
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    Re: Time, what is time? *****

    I don't think we are ready for this knowledge yet. I better ask the elders.
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