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Studying Tips for new university students

  1. Aug 24, 2016 #1
    Hi everyone,
    I have finally finished high school and have been accepted into a mathematical university.
    I'm really excited and also somewhat nervous about this whole thing since It is my dream to one day become a mathematician and I don't want to mess it up.
    I'm now wondering if you guys have any tips regarding studying, time management, student/teacher relationship or basically university life in general
    I realize that this are pretty personal things and differ from person to person, however I would still like to know so that I can be better prepared
    Thanks a bunch in advance
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    Take notes, review / rewrite your notes after class and stay current with your homework, doing it before its due. This gives you the option to ask questions and fix mistakes before you hand it in. Rewriting your notes is a way to hammer in what you were taught and to find holes in them that you need to research and repair. Doing this on a day to day basis will insure good grades when tests come up.

    Leave no stone unturned, ie when you find something you don't understand, talk with other students, talk with the professor and get a reasonable answer because you know it will have stumped others and will be on the upcoming test.

    Profs often have weekly office hours write them down at the start of the semester so you can optimize visits and don't waste time going only to find they aren't there or are busy.

    As you manage these things, then let your other interests fill in your free time.

    Lastly, get a good rest each night, exercise some (eg brisk walks to class) and eat well.
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    Take the time to hand write your notes there's some research that suggests you will remember it better than if you typed it in to a computer.
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    I always had two notebooks. One for lecture notes and notes from reading the textbook. The other for the homework.
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    Read the section, or two, before the next lecture. When I say read, read the actual text and work out problems. Do not loose heart if you cannot solve problems after much attempts. These are questions your brain should focus on during lecture.
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