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Tips on transferring to UT Austin

  1. Sep 29, 2012 #1
    Hello, I am a freshman physics major currently going to a local community college in Texas (Collin County). And I am planning on transferring to UT Austin next Fall semester. And I was wondering if any of you have some advice or know any requirements I may need in order to ensure I get accepted.

    Thank you.
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    By any chance were you in the top 10% of your high school class? If so, I think UT Austin must admit you by law. Google "Texas top 10% rule".
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    No, I didn't do phenomenally in high-school, that's why I waited to transfer so I could start fresh and such.
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    Simple, go to their transfer website and take the courses they require you have before you can transfer.
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    Oh, I should have specified that I've already figured all of the basic requirements for transfer and such. I'm looking mainly for advice on how to get their attention and priority over other applicants.
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    It's really not overly complicated. Do well in your course work, write a good essay, join a club or two, and receive letters of recs from your professors. If you get all that, then you're a solid candidate and then it's up to the admission Gods to decide. There's no way to ensure acceptance. I had a 3.1 high school GPA and got into UT, my buddy had a 3.6 (oddly enough not 10% at our school) and got rejected. How? Who knows.
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    *Phi Theta Kappa looks good on a resume. There is a place they physically stamp on your transcript which stands out. There are requirements to being in the program though that I don't think you would be eligible for.

    *Classes with the word "Honors" in front of them stand out as well.

    *Get good with your professors and have them write letters, enthusiasm for the subject material goes a long way.
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    I'm looking at UT Austin as well...it seems going to school in texas as an out of state student cost about the same as being in-state for california
  10. Sep 30, 2012 #9
    Hmm I'll look into that.

    Thanks for the reply, guys.

    I'm also wondering how much community service helps. initially I just counted it off cause it seems so generic, but one of my advisers suggested it... but they're pretty dumb I've found. Least at my school

    I've also signed on for campus visits. I even had two for the transfer people, and with the natural sciences school, on the same day earlier in the month I drove 220mi down there for... Just so happened that the day it was scheduled there was a f***ing bomb threat and it was cancelled. So I drove all the way back with no word and rescheduled.
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