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Medical Tomorrow, I Love Ya! [article on procrastination]

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    http://chronicle.com/temp/reprint.php?id=63klkx6drw34y6cqfktwkfd7c3ns9t6j [Broken]
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    It's hard for me to say if procrastination is completely enviromental because I have a friend who has always been a procrastinator and I mean a hardcore one (he waited until roughly an hour before it was due to turn in a collage aplication essay) and the nothing that I know of in his enviroment has really encourged him to be procastinent. I do think there is some pyshological link to procrastination.
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    I've run into a lot of procrastinators in my time (and I've done my fair share of procrastinating too). I don't think it's possible to say there's just one reason for it. I know in my case, it's usually because a task is very undesirable, so I'd rather spend my time doing everything else that interests me more first, then eventually get around to the more odious task just because the deadline is approaching and I have no choice but to get it done. For others, it just seems they simply don't think ahead enough to realize how long a task is really going to take, so don't leave enough time for it. I think there are some people who just lack motivation to get much of anything done. For them, it seems more like a mental illness, because you see this similar attitude in a lot of aspects of their life, like something just isn't right with the parts of their brain required for motivation.
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    I'll read the article and respond tomorrow.
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