Top 6 challenges for engineering in the first quarter of 21st Centrury

  1. Hey all,

    I have an interview coming up and I have been asked to consider the following question:

    "What are the top 6 challenges (technical, commercial, ethical, regulatory, etc..) facing the UK engineering profession in the first quarter of the 21st Century?"

    I was hoping I could start some discussion and get your opinions of this, even if you're not from the UK there may be common issues in your country that you can share?

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  3. To kick things off my thoughts were:

    - Energy Demands
    - Growing and improving our high tech and space related industries
    - Large EU/International collaborative engineering projects
    - Plantetary Protection
    - Cyber Defense
    - Sustaining the growth of UK manufacturing.
  4. In US
    aging infastructure
    risk management
  5. berkeman

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    That's a good start! :smile:

    One technique you could use to help your brainstorming and research would be to list the various engineering disciplines (EE, ME, CE, etc.), and think about the challenges specific to each discipline...
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