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Homework Help: Total Electric flux on two charges

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    A point charge q1 = 9.00 nC is located at the origin, and a second point charge q2 = -3.00 nC is on the x-axis at x = 1.00 m. What is the total electric flux due to these two point charges through a spherical Gaussian surface centered at the origin and with radius

    (a) 0.500 m?
    E = ___________N m2/C
    (b) 1.50 m?
    E = ___________ N m2/C

    so for part a i figure out that the net electric field is 432N/C in the positive i hat direction but what is the da and what are the limits to my integral?
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    According to Gauss theorem, total flux across a spherical surface is
    Φ = Q/εο, where Q is the net charge enclosed in the given spherical surface.
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