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Trance Music:Incresaed my memory and Brain Power

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    I listen trance music for a long time and I was an average student i got 45% in high school and after that started listensing trance music . U wont believe it i did very well i got honors in engineering and then did masters with honors and currently doing Phd in Aeronautical engg. . Whenever i used to study i used to have trance music on and i dont know i used to concentarte more while listening trance beats music and i am very motivating type of person . I started listening when i was 18 and now i am 27 . At 18 i was not confident and shy , had complex , but know i feel i am the best . So iguess trance beats is the best to get motivated and rise in life i guess.

    Do had also the same or other experiences ?

    Take Care,

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    I don't think trance has had the same effects on me, but I love the music. Who do you listen to? I'm currently listening to some Shpongle, Infected Mushroom, and Astral Projection.
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    Hi ,
    I listen to Ian Van Dahl,Rank 1,Sholan,Dido,ATB,tiesto,snap etc i have u huge list i will give u the website u can listen online music Link Removed
    hope u like it

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    Hi Anjum! Where are you from?

    I started listening to trance music when I was 13. I started with Paul van Dyk. Now I'm still a massive fan of the trance genre. I currently listen to live sets from the net- Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise, Anjunabeats, and Armin van Buuren's A State of Trance.

    About your experience, I can't really say it had the same "smart" effect on me since I've always been a good student. But every time I listen to trance, it gives me a boost of energy and mood.

    After reflecting on what Trance music really is, I've come to the conclusion that it does not evoke any one single feeling. Sometimes, it makes you feel happy, and sometimes it feels sad.

    `Anton, Philippines
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    I really like trance sometimes, and I think it can help me think clearer, but I've yet to see any significant increase i can pin directly to listening to it.
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    I don't hink the OP is going to reply so I think we'll leave this very old thread where it is.
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