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Transceiver, near field, very low cost

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    Internet research shows many sources for near field transceivers and ultra simple or basic tank transmitters and tank receivers.

    Amtel, Microchip, NST, Analog Devices, TI and others offer near field solutions however costs are in the USD0.50 - 2.00 range per transceiver without any interface.

    I am seeking a solution for a cost target of approximately $0.20 per data only transceiver. Interfacing costs to other circuits would be additional costs.

    Interfacing could be a simple JFET or whatever controlling device to pull down/up an input to a uP.

    These costs are for quantities of 15,000 transceivers by 4th quarter 2009. Quantites could grow to +500,000 annually by 4th quarter 2011.

    Basic goals: battery powered (1.5 - 3VDC and 5mA or less current) very low data rate transceiver with a range of approximately 3 meters (about 10 feet).

    Overall size target is approximately the size of a U.S. quarter.

    A stretch goal is to have "three channel" capability - if component costs allow there could be one transceiver per channel.

    Basically capable of transmitting a short "hello" data burst each second to be picked up by the receiving transceiver. Each transceiver would be tuned to a specific receiving and transmitting frequency.

    Durability of the transceiver - very short life - 200 operations maximum then discarded (properly). Low cost circuit board - perhaps printed on label stock with conductive ink or resist PCB if cost are lower.

    AM or FM okay - direction driven by costs.

    FCC issues would be addressed with a solution if necessary.

    It would be nice to design/develop such a solution however locating a capable supplier would be much better.

    Your comments are welcomed including if I need to do it myself! Thank you.
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    After the cost of the battery, how of the $0.20 would be left for the cost of the transceiver?
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    The battery cost is not included within the $0.20 cost target.
    Thank you.
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