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Homework Help: Transfer function with laplace transform

  1. Apr 5, 2012 #1

    I am trying to derive one transfer function for a system, but got stuck at a point. I want the solution to the ratio V_o(s)/V_g(s), the transfer function.

    V_o(s) = [a*L{(V_g)^2} - b*L{V_o * (V_g)^2} - c*V_g(s) - d/s]*z(s)

    In the following equation, I have:

    s-> lapace transform variable
    a,b,c and d -> some constants
    V_o -> system output; V_o(s) = L{V_o} = laplace transform of system output
    V_gs -> system input; V_gs(s) = L{V_g}
    z -> another system input; z(s) = laplace transform of z

    If somebody can give step by step derivation for this, that would be great!

    -- vipin
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  3. Apr 5, 2012 #2
    This system doesn't seem like a linear system, it seems no transfer function can be defined.
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