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Transfer of electricity wihout loss safely.

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    can we use fast moving hydrogen ions in long glass tube which are practically vaccum for transfer of electricity. the hydrogen ions are produced by consuming energy and when they reach the destination(electrode) they form hydrogen gas and give electricity.
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    I doubt that you get a reasonable efficiency even for short ranges. In addition, I don't see how "and give electricity" works. Sure, you can use something similar to a fuel cell, but then you lose most of the energy to radiation and finally heat.
    With long ranges, you get additional losses - you would need a significant charge in that tube, the protons would repel each other and attract electrons from the environment.

    No, I cannot see how this should work in any reasonable way.
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    A high current beam of protons or electrons is very difficult to produce, to guide and to stop it from dispersing and hitting the sides of a tube. Then you would need to get it round bends . . . . .
    Metal wires do this and more so much better and need no maintenance, no vacuum and lose very little power. Were you proposing a tube to return the 'used' Hydrogen atoms back up to the other end again?
    But all credit for trying to think laterally! :smile:
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