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Transfering files over FireWire

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    I want to transfer files from a PC running on XP to a laptop running on Vista through a FireWire cable. Unfortunately it seems having the accessories is not enough to do so. What do I need?
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    I am not sure by what you mean 'accessories' ?

    If you mean it simply in terms of the Firewire cable, then it is not enough.

    As far as I know, out of the Box, Vista does not have Firewire drivers built in.

    (Really odd, considering previous Beta builds did)


    But also, be aware that XP may also be at fault (if your using the earlier version without SP2).


    There may be commercial drivers available...at a cost...

    Then again, you could always fall back to USB-2 even though it is significantly slower.

    Good luck in any case.

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    I do have SP2 on my PC. So you're saying I need the IEEE 1394 drivers on my laptop? I'll look into that, thank you.
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    Your welcome Werg,

    Sad to say, it looks like there are no drivers built into Vista. (How dumb is that)

    Unless I am very much mistaken drivers for Firewire are going to added to Vistas' first service pack.

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