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Transferring to US to do PHD from UK Bsc Physics

  1. Aug 13, 2014 #1
    Hi,everyone. I'm from asia, doing a BSC degree Theoretical physics in Imperial college London, currently finished my second year and got approximately 75% .. As an international student, I understand that very high academic achievement is needed to get any source of funding e.g. scholarship from any university institution in UK, for example, Imperial runs a programme which provides full funding for student apart from UK, however there are only 50 places over the whole college. Therefore, I 'm thinking of doing my Phd in USA, I wonder if anyone has similar background or experience before?

    I haven't yet started preparing GRE general test and subject test, I'm facing a two-side dilemma , if I apply for USA phd , I risk losing my chance to do my Msc in UK since I 'm trying to apply the one which starts in Feb 2016, I'm graduating in June 2015, I imagine I will have to confirm my UK offer in Sep, and I would not have heard any result back from US university until then.What can I do?

    Lastly,I would like to know how good do I need to be to secure funding from USA university? I'm applying for the top 50 US schools, and University California Berkeley is probably the level of university I'm going to, as I want to work in a strong research group with enthusiatic people. Thank you in advance, I saw many interesting dicussions going on in this forum , this is the first time of me Posting lol .
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    I don't know much about schools in the UK, but if your school is on the level of UC Berkeley, you're at one of the best and should certainly get into a top 50 us grad school without too much trouble. I believe Berkeley generally ranks in the top 10. Rankings are all subjective. It's in my top 10.

    For the US, people take the physics gre at the beginning of their senior year. I took my regular gre over summer before senior year. If you are graduating in a year, you should maybe be thinking about taking them soon.

    It sounds like you need to decide if you want to stay in the Uk or come here to the US. That's a personal decision, I'm sure the Uk is great too.
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    Whichever ranking table you want to believe, IC is in the top 20 world-wide. If you want to claim it's in the top 10 world wide in physics, you can find a ranking table to support that.

    IC is generally considered to be #3 in the UK, behind Oxford and Cambridge. Unlike Oxbridge, it is focused only on science and technology, as its full name implies.
  5. Aug 17, 2014 #4
    RE:F=qE and AlephZero, thanks for clarifying, IC is top 10 uni in the world, i'm applying for UCB because my friend is living there, lol you guys didn't give me good advices but it's alright. I decided not to go to USA until I finish my Msc.
  6. Aug 17, 2014 #5

    You could have said thank you both for bothering to read my OP and write something nice instead of saying you guys didn't give me good advice, but it's ok.

    I tried to give you some insight into what and when you'd need to take the gre's for us grad schools. I won't be bothering to read any more threads you make in the future.
  7. Aug 17, 2014 #6
    It's true that you didn't give any helpful advice, what are you making fuss about? I didn't blame you for not making contribution, I was just stating "facts", I 'm trying to change the topic and avoid arguments over comparing imperial and ucb. All i know they are both good unis .
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