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Transformation Optics and Meta-materials

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    I recently started looking into metamaterials and the concept of transformation optics that can be applied using the resultant negative index of refraction. I'm curious and slightly considering this as a topic for my undergraduate thesis project that I'll be starting in the fall and I'm wondering if anyone has some good recommendation on papers to read for more information on these.

    Anything that could give me a better understanding of the composition & preparation of metamaterials would be greatly appreciated.
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    Claude Bile

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    John Pendry is regarded as one of the leaders in this field. His papers would be a good first step.

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    What kind of thesis are you thinking of writing? a year at undergraduate level is not a lot of time to get much done. So any project you are thinking should be not overly ambitious in initial scope. Additionally, I hope that at least one member of staff is somewhat conversant in the topic as this could lead to some blind alleys. That said one of the Physics World's from the last three months is dedicated to the topic of invisibility. That issue has a great overview of many of the concepts that you need to get familiar with.
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