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Transistors used in DSP, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers

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    how is dsp different from devices which contain microprocessors?
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    Which transistor in action. Is it BJT, FET? And why?
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    MOSFETs. They switch faster and draw less current than other types of transistors.
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    MOSFET can be much faster because it does not go into saturation( forward forward biasing) like the BJT, even the schottky can only speed up so much.

    BUT at high speed, MOSFET draw even more current than BJT because of the drive that needed to drive the input capacitance of the gate and the current surge at the transition where both the transistor of the complementarity pair turn on . Look at the Icc vs speed of switching and you'll see at certain switching speed, CMOS draw more power than BJT ICs.
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    There should be no difference. DSP is digital signal processing, that is far as my understanding unless there is other meaning after I left the industry!!!! If so, that is only a name, has nothing to do with the technology.
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