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DSP Group, Inc. is a provider of chipsets for VoIP, multimedia, and digital cordless applications. Founded in 1987 with headquarters in San Jose, California, DSP Group employs over 400 people at three US sites and offices in Germany, Scotland, Israel, India, Hong Kong and Japan.

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  1. CricK0es

    Engineering How to find RMS, and Peak Voltages of this signal?

    Hi all! I have a complex waveform, something like what I have attached, and I need to extract the RMS and Peak Voltage from this. However, this signal can and will change after a number of cycles on a certain setting. So, this means the period and duration of pulse can change and so can the...
  2. JayZ0198

    Multipurpose software that keeps C, Python, DSP, .... in the same file

    I’ve been looking for a certain type of software that can host programming (preferably C or Python) and other process that I’m going to need such as DSP, DSP filters, diagrams (3D graphs, charts,…), and text editing within the same file. It’s mainly so that I can incorporate and use each one...
  3. Destroxia

    I DSP: Recurrence Relations in a Linear Algebra Equation

    Hello, I've been working through some Digital Signal Processing stuff by myself online, and I saw a system that I wanted to write down as a Linear Algebra Equation. It's a simple delay feedback loop, looks like this: The (+) is an adder that adds 2 signals together, so the signal from x[n]...
  4. R

    Can You Find Affordable DSPs Capable of 16 MHz ADC and 512-Point FFT?

    Hello. I've searched without any real success on the web. I'm looking for a DSP (at affordable price !) which is able to accomplish ADC fonction (at least @ 16 MHz) and FFT on at least 512 points panel. If someone can transmit some manufacturer references ... Thanks by advance.
  5. H

    DSP decimation/interpolation question

    I am new to DSP. Say I have a network system receiving and transmitting data. I would be using polyphase decimation at the beginning of the receive path and poly-phase interpolation at the end of the transmit path. Do the interpolation and decimation length needs to be the same? i.e. Will this...
  6. I

    How to center the bandwidth for carrier frequency?

    I have a baseband signal in IQ form. I have a method to calculate the carrier offset and estimate the carrier bin. I want to center the carrier to the middle of the bandwidth. How do I do so? Do I simply multiply the IQ data by the exponential with the carrier offset, but doesn't that shift the...
  7. C

    DSP Tuner - Is this correct for freq offset?

    Say I already calculated the frequency offset after the ADC, which was calculated using a 1,048,576 FFT, but I only have 1,040,000 IQ samples. Do I need to use a non power of two FFT method or will the follow work? freq corrected IQdata = sum of iqData(i)*[exp(i*2*pi* n*freq_offset*(diff...
  8. J

    A Calculate Third Octave Band Response from Narrowband Data

    I have a signal that I am able to calculate through an acoustic model for airfoil noise. I am told that the model solves for a narrowband frequency response, however, my measurement data is provided in third-octave band representation. How do I convert my current dataset to the third octave...
  9. N

    Understanding time delay estimation for GPS?

    I really need help to understand these questions which is highlight, for the GPS situation, I hope anyone who has been working in this situation before, please help me to have a clear understanding about "time delay estimation": Here is the scenario: 1. Suppose I know precisely I have transmit...
  10. khurram usman

    Upsampled input to an Adaptive filter?

    I will try to explain the issue I am having as clearly as possible without going into my coding or maths. I have my own and a MATLAB Central implementation pf standard LMS in MATLAB. Fixed step size. No normalization or other stuff. I am trying to use it in a system identification setup. I...
  11. B

    Gun sound -- frequency analysis

    Small caliber guns have higher magnitude at higher frequencies and larger caliber guns have higher magnitude at lower frequencies. is this true ? because I am not see this in my test: that is the fft of a 9MM gun, As one can see there are low magnitudes at low frequencies and higher...
  12. T

    Tips/recommendations for continuing my learning in DSP?

    Hi there, this is a shameless repost of a thread I made over on the DSP subreddit, however, I'm very interested to get some feedback from the folks of PF. Here is my question: -- Hi there, I recently graduated with an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering. During my schooling, I took...
  13. D

    DSP - Rounding and Truncation Quantization

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Alright, so far what I know about Digital Signal Processing is that you first sample the values of the signal with infinite precision/infinite amplitude values and of course you can't encode these values, so you need to...
  14. A

    Help designing a music visualizer for a 12x12 LED screen

    I am working in a group for designing a LED interactive Screen. My part of the project is the design of the music visualization system. I am new in this area, but I know I need to use some op-amps to filter the input signal from the mp3 player. Could anyone give me any suggestions on how to...
  15. ElijahRockers

    MATLAB DSP: Best curve fitting approach via MATLAB?

    I am doing an experiment that generates data in three 1-hour-blocks. Each block has a different number and timing for acquisitions. (The first hour is more frequent and numerous, while the last hour is only 6 acquisitions) The reason for breaking it up into 3 hours is to give the subjects a...
  16. E

    Phase shift in frequency domain

    Hello, I'using Matlab to simulate phase shift in frequency domain (FD). I have got real and imaginary parts of the signal after FFT. I'd like to use phase shift in FD. This works: Y=fft(y); YY=Y.exp(-i*2*pi*nk/N*samples_delay); result=ifft(YY); But in my DSP I can't use the formula above and...
  17. TheDemx27

    Low Power Signal Processing -- Bouncing an RF signal off the Moon

    I'm doing a project that has been done many times before, bouncing a signal off the moon, but I'm trying to do it with low power. I'm told the expected S/N ratio is -30dB. The problem I'm trying to figure out is whether or not it is theoretically possible to pull out the signal out from the...
  18. vead

    What Are the Functions of a Programmable DSP?

    programmable dsp means the device that can be programmed programmable device take signal like voice audio , this signal converted into digital form programmable device is processor or micro controller ? does it contain memory counter instruction which software tool is used for programmable...
  19. mrmjp

    DSP Undergraduate Project Ideas?

    I have to do a project of some kind for my digital signals and systems class and I really don't have a clue where to even start looking. ANY IDEAS OR DIRECTION WOULD BE APPRECIATED.
  20. J

    Limit of dirichlet function (from DSP)

    How is this limit evaluated? \lim_{k->0}\frac{sin(\pi k)}{sin(\frac{\pi k}{N})} I know that it is N, but I can't figure out how to evaluate it, L'hopitals rule doesn't seem to help. I might solve it by the time I get a response, but figured no reason to not ask especially since I couldn't...
  21. C

    DSP, going from freq domain to time domain

    Homework Statement X(w) = 3cos(2w) + 2 sin(3w) calculate x(n) Homework Equations x(n) = (1/2pi) ∫ X(w) e^(jwn)dw The Attempt at a Solution When integrating over 0 to 2 pi, my answer is 0. Which would not be the case.
  22. B

    Dsp algorithm for voice analysis

    What are good dsp algorithms for voices analysis? input from a computer microphone
  23. D

    Communication Theory vs. DSP? Differences?

    I have a choice between these two courses next semester and I want to learn a little more about them before I make my decision. Does DSP construct a received signal? While Comm. Theory would focus on creating the signal and dealing with noise? Thanks
  24. N

    DSP involvement in Power Systems (help need for Master thesis)

    Hello. i am searching for a topic for my Master Thesis. My Master is on Power Systems and i want to combine my thesis with digital signal processing. but i am stuck on finding a topic. So if anybody can helping choosing a subject or giving me some ideas that i can work on? Best regards
  25. P

    DSP Software for Communication Systems

    Homework Statement DSP Technology Report Research a particular application of DSP, gathering enough information to deliver a 10 min oral report to the rest of the class. You can focus on hardware, software issues, or a specific algorithm. Give as much detail as possible. Homework Equations...
  26. J

    [DSP] radix-2 DIT and DIF algorithms

    Homework Statement Hi, I literally can't see difference between DIT and DIF algorithms. Would be kind enough to explain a difference between two algorithms ? Both algorithms have the same number of multiplications and additions for given signal: \frac{N}{2}log_{2}(N) - No. of...
  27. Runei

    DSP - FIR Filters, linear phase conditions

    Hello there I'd like to know if anyone has a proof of why the condition of symmetry or antisymmetry must be followed by a FIR filter, in order for it to have a linear phase response? I've been pouring over this for an exam, and my initial question was what constitutes a linear phase...
  28. C

    MATLAB DSP + Statistics Project Ideas for MATLAB

    So I'm taking an intro DSP class this summer and I need some ideas for a term project. I'm also taking a class on statistics and I'd like something that incorporates the two. The project will be implemented soley on MATLAB so no hardware ideas. I'm having problems coming up with things...
  29. T

    State-Space Representation with Initial Conditions: Finding the Right DSP Book

    Could you advise a DSP book which explains state-space representation with initial conditions. Initial conditions part is important for me. Thanks.
  30. D

    Advice on Academic Path DSP and mathematics

    My main passions involve anything having to deal with audio synthesis and manipulation. I love sounds (not even necessarily musical) and love even more the topics of electronic and computer generated sounds. I am mainly interested in computer-related audio processing and generation. I would love...
  31. X

    Discrete time Derivative/Integration mechanisms in DSP.

    I was having a conversation with my brother, a mechanical engineer, about Digital Signals processing. I was trying to explain what I had recently done in my digital controls class, and how we would use the state space model \vec{x}(k+1) = {\bf{A_d}}\vec{x}(k) + {\bf{B_d}}u(k) in discrete time...
  32. E

    Creating Flange or Variable Delay DSP model

    Homework Statement Im trying to model this in simulink. I am having a little trouble getting things to work. I need to create a variable delay model or basically implement a "flanger" effect. Flange A flange is an audio effect, which is achieved by combining two identical signals with...
  33. Z

    DSP on Data Acquired from Agilent Software

    Data available from Agilent Network Analyzer is usually in the form of s-parameters.I want to know how to perform motion detection on s-parameter data which is usually available in frequency domain(from analyzer)? Usually motion detection techniques are available for time-domain data,not...
  34. L

    DSP question involving Fourier transform

    Homework Statement From Discrete-Time Signal and Systems 3rd edition. Q2.4 Consider the linear constant-coefficient difference equation Homework Equations y[n] -3/4y[n-1] +1/8y[n-2] = 2x[n-1] Determine y[n] for n >= 0 when x[n] = δ[n] and y[n]=0, n<0. The Attempt at a...
  35. M

    DSP vs RF/Microwaves and E&M

    Hey guys and, of course, ladies. I was wondering if anyone knows the job outlook for Electrical Engineering concentrating on DSP and/or RF/Microwaves and E&M. I'm planning to get my M.S. EE at NYU-Poly on either one of the path. I would like to know: which of the 2 has a better job...
  36. H

    DSP - IIR filter, anlog to digital

    hi, I'm studying for a test, and found this question in one of the previous exams but there is no solution and I was not able to solve it myself. It would be very helpful if anybody could help =] Homework Statement h(t) is an analog IIR filter, with the poles λ_1 = -1, λ_2 = -1+i, λ_3 =...
  37. O

    Which is best way to go among digital, analog, microwave/RF or DSP

    Hi all, I have been thinking about doing Master's degree in Electrical Engineering but I'm really not sure which way to go. In fact I'm more into digital and DSP but I though it would be great idea to hear from experts in the field regarding the future job market and salaries especially in...
  38. S

    DSP - Differential Equation for linear system H

    Hello. I need to find a differential equation for a linear system, H, which is characterised by the impulse response h(t) = e-2t, where t denotes time. But I am not sure how to go about this. Would anyone be able to point me in the correct direction? Thanks in advance. Seán
  39. pairofstrings

    Transistors used in DSP, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers

    how is dsp different from devices which contain microprocessors?
  40. B

    Solve Periodic Digital Signal: x[n]=1+cos(pi*n/3)+3sin(pi*n/2)

    Hey guys, I'm trying to revise for a DSP exam I have this week and I'm looking at past papers I have. I've got the question, and the out and out answer but it doesn't show the workings so I'm struggling to find out how to get there;For the following periodic digital signal...
  41. H

    How can I use DSP to analyze a noisy sensor signal?

    First off let me just say that I am not a EE and have never taken a signals course before though I am sort of willingly having to over come this for a work project. I am working with a sensor that is giving me a noisy signal and I am trying to figure out if there is any usable data in my data...
  42. J

    How Is a Simplified DSP Transfer Function Derived?

    I have taken this example from a Digital Signal Processing book. I have got the simplified transfer function; however do not understand how it was done. I have had a go could someone please look at it and let me know where I am going wrong. I have attached my working out on a Word document...
  43. H

    Dsp help - impulse response of system in z domain

    Homework Statement I am given an LTI system where I need to obtain the impulse response and difference equation of H(z). H(z) = (1-0.5z^-3) / [(1-0.5z^-1)(1-0.25z^-1)] and |z| > 0.5 Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I am pretty lost about what to do. I...
  44. H

    How Can a Recent Graduate Break Into the DSP Industry?

    Hi. I just graduated in December with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from a prominent Southern California university. For privacy's sake, I won't disclose its name but I will say that its mascot rhymes with "shoo-ins". Anyway, while I was there I took classes on a lot of different topics...
  45. R

    DSP: What do you mean by the Filter Lenght?

    What does the length of the filter in DSP means? What does it refer physical or practical when it states that "signal transmission path models have long impulse response?" And why do audio signal transmission paths have long impulse response?
  46. Topher925

    Whats a good uC family for DSP and analysis?

    In the not to distant future I'm going to require a microprocessor that can handle a good amount of signal processing and a lot of mathematical operations. Currently, all the development tools I have used are low end beginner stuff and are no where near capable of doing these things I need. So I...
  47. D

    DSP Implementation of LTI Transfer Function on TMs320F28x

    Helo, I am currebtly working on a dsp, in a goal to implement a feedback system in the form of an LTI tranfer function that will stabilize a dc-dc converter. The problem is as follows: We have the digital desired transfer function, and the problem is how to work with the dsp for...
  48. M

    Mastering DSP: Fourier Series & Transforms

    hi i wanted to know if anybody that knew about dsp and all the Fourier series and transforms had any advice on how to master it ... very swiftly..
  49. L

    DSP - Frequency Response of an FIR Filter

    Homework Statement A linear time-invariant filter is described by the difference equation y[n] = x[n] - x[n-2] a) Obtain an expresson for the frequency response of this system. b) Sketch the frequency response (magnitude and angle) as a function of frequency. 2. The attempt at a...
  50. F

    Schools Graduate School - DSP, Signal Processing

    Graduate School -- DSP, Signal Processing What are the top graduate schools for signal processing? I am currently looking at Georgia Tech. Any other recommendations? I would like (if possible) courses in radar.