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Homework Help: Transmission probability (tunneling) question

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    A beam of 11 eV electrons is directed towards a barrier of potential Vo = 3.8 eV. Compute the width of the barrier for which the reflection is maximized (Note: this is NOT asking for when reflection is 100%).

    Transmission probability for E > Vo:
    T = [ 1 + (Vo²*sin²(βa))/(4E*(E - Vo)) ]^(-1)

    where a is the width of the barrier.

    I need a bit of help starting this question. I do not understand why maximum reflection is not 100% reflection, or T = 0. Finding when something is a maximum makes me think "derivative = 0," but other than that I'm really unsure about where to go. And there is a formula for β but I am not very concerned with numerical answers right now. Any advice is appreciated.
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    Why would you expect the reflection coefficient to be 1?
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