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Trends in Electrical Engineering Education

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    Is there a movement in some electrical engineering programs to favour programming skills over a more hands on/electronics approach (if I could call it that)?

    If so, what is the motivation for this? Trends in skills demanded by industry/academia?

    Schools associated with more programming/CS skills include MIT and U of Toronto (I imagine U Waterloo as well).

    I thought EE programs were pretty uniform, with some schools having more established reputations than others of course.

    Just asking.

    PS: Sorry I do not have any links. These are things I come across and don't pay much attention to at first.
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    My school requires only 1 semester of C programming or 1 of C and 1 of Java if you're doing the computer design track.

    Alot of classes use a programming though and require to know the basics before you start them.
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    @Chunkysalsa: Thanks for the response.

    I noticed a similar thread by Jurassic at the bottom of the page. It should have occurred to me that the ongoing digital revolution would be behind the apparent shift at some schools (the most research-oriented I might add) toward becoming more programming-based.
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