What is Trends: Definition and 46 Discussions

Trends is a series of review journals in a range of areas of biology and chemistry published by Elsevier under its Cell Press imprint.
The Trends series was established in 1976 with Trends in Biochemical Sciences, rapidly followed by Trends in Neurosciences, Trends in Pharmacological Sciences, and Immunology Today.
Immunology Today, Parasitology Today, and Molecular Medicine Today changed their names to Trends in... in 2001. Drug Discovery Today was spun off as an independent brand.

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  1. Oldman too

    How Will Adaptive Tech Shape the Future of Robotics?

    I was really wanting to throw this out quickly since it was a time limited event already underway, but better late than never. The main point isn't the Gaming or Artistic nor the Combat part but rather...
  2. I

    Why Does Ionization Energy Increase Differently Between Orbital Types?

    There is a large increase in ionization energy when an electron is removed from a p orbital versus when it is removed from a s orbital (and likewise when it is removed from the valence shell and from the inner shells). Why is there a smaller increase when successive electrons are removed from...
  3. A

    A A trend formula for the variance

    In a paper published in the JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL PSYCHOLOGY 39, 265-274 (1995), formulas are provided on page 272 for the expectation E(Tn) of a random variable T as dependent on n (formulas 28 and 29). Now I would like to know what these formulas look like for the variance i.e. Var(Tn).
  4. A

    Trends in Trainings on Engineering Standards

    Hi, Could anybody please help me with the following information: 1) Frequency of engineers receiving trainings on standards/competencies set by organizations such as ASME, IEEE, ASTM, etc.? Average number of trainings per engineer per year? 2) Corporates spend per year per engineer on...
  5. R

    Other Using Databases like Scopus to Find Trends in Physics

    Hello everyone. My question is how can I use databases like scopus to know which areas of physics are the "hot" today or which are still in development.
  6. S

    Do programming trends just go in circles?

    Latest buzzwords include "functional programming" and "stateless." What's funny is these are not new, just a reversion from OOP back to procedural programming the way you write code in C. Create objects that are just value bags with no behavior and write functions that modify the values. Or...
  7. B

    A Statistical analysis for comparing trends among multiple variables

    In our study, we measured the seasonal abundance of selected genes from two sites. We want to make a comparison between the seasonal trends between the genes (i.e. which genes had similar trends and which didn't). What would be the best statistical analysis for this purpose? Thanks!
  8. S

    A Correlation coefficient among trends

    Hi all, in several vehicles, I measured the engine torque and speed and the engaged gear while it was driven for around 100km/h. I computed the average engine speed and torque of all the times the vehicle was run with each gear and also I computed the relative frequency of the gear used. So for...
  9. S

    Explain Electronegativity of Si and Ge: 65 Characters

    Edit: thread moved by mod from non technical forum, hence lack of the template. Using arguments from MO theory, state why the trends in homonuclear bond energies for rows 1 and 3 of the periodic table in graph D differ so markedly. S State, with reasons, whether Si or Ge has the higher...
  10. wolram

    Music Stay Stylish & In-the-Know: Follow Trends in Fashion, Music & Food

    Do you follow the trends of the day in clothing and keeping up with the music of the day, Follow the latest food trends.?
  11. Domenico94

    A Exploring Nonlinear PDEs: Trends and Challenges in Cancer Research

    Hi everyone. For people who already saw me in this forum, I know I may seem boring with all these questions about PDE, but I promise this will be the last :D Anyway, as the title says, which are the main trends of differential equations research, especially nonlinear differential equations(which...
  12. H

    Atomic radius and Ionization Energy Trends?

    My teacher was not too clear about this and from what I've gathered is if you're given two elements this is how you would figure out which one has a larger atomic radius or ionization energy, but I'm not sure if it's accurate Radius: Whichever one is in a lower period (more energy levels) has a...
  13. H

    Periodic trends and effective nuclear charge

    My book is trying to explain why atomic radii decreases as you move toward the right side of the periodic table because the effective nuclear charge increases. I understand why an increase in effective nuclear charge results in a smaller radius, but I don't know why the effective nuclear charge...
  14. S

    Trends in calculator interfaces

    The trend in commoly available cheap scientific calculators is that when you want to calculate a function like sin( sqrt(2)/5) , the most convenient thing to do is press the sin() key first. Twenty years ago (or less) when using the "algebraic" calculator interface (on some fairly...
  15. A

    Is the US Middle Class Really Poorer Today Than in 1989?

    Not to be a downer, but above I said median household income peaked in the late 90s. Turns out median net worth peaked in 1989. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2014/10/01/the-middle-class-is-poorer-today-than-it-was-in-1989/?hpid=z3
  16. B

    Regression formula (calculating trends)

    Hi guys, I have been tasked with the following question; The company has set a fixed budget for Period 1 of the financial year using the following figures as being 100% of the budget: Material costs £200 000 Labour costs £100 000 Variable overheads £50 000 Fixed...
  17. Q

    Theory or Reality - Acid/base trends on the periodic table

    Homework Statement Number 12. Ignore the scribbling and the circled answers. http://i.minus.com/i17OAHo9PELaW.jpg Homework Equations The periodic table trend of acid/base behavior says that oxides of elements on the right of the periodic table will behave as acids in water. It...
  18. O

    Redox trends of the first row transition metals

    Hey, I'm having trouble understanding the trends of the oxidation states for the first row of the transition metals -my prof said that Cu is the only metal that forms a stable +1 oxidation state. But, I've done a question in hmwrk that had Cu+1 as unstable with respect to disproportionation how...
  19. K

    Atomic Radii Trends: Anion vs Periodic Table

    First, it says in my textbook that in an anion, the atomic size will be larger than that of the neutral atom. It says this is because the extra electrons causes more repulsion and then increases the atomic radius. In the next chapter, it says as you move across a period [from left to right] in...
  20. C

    What's the difference between trends and regression lines?

    What's the difference between trends and regression lines (linear and non-linear) which minimize the residual sum of squares?
  21. D

    Solar Activity Trends: Historical Chart and Validation for Current Increase

    Hi, I'm looking for a general solar activity chart that covers as much history as possible (up to this month or even better today). In a nutshell, I am looking to validate if we are in fact in a period of increasing solar activity which would apparently keep increasing until next year ...
  22. T

    Where can I get data about stock trends?

    I'm looking for a lot of data, preferably one version that is a year or more old and one that is current. The data I want is just the stats related to the stock. For example, the price, earnings, and anything else considered useful in stock analysis. I need the older version to have at least a...
  23. K

    Solubility of alkali earth metals/solvation energy,periodic trends, IMFs

    Homework Statement Look at the solubility guidelines (Table 4.1). Using your knowledge of periodic trends and the energetics of formation of solutions, explain why cations derived directly from alkali metals are usually soluble, but this is less the case for alkaline Earth metals. Also...
  24. T

    Engineering Current trends in the design procedures of DC chopper circuits

    Hi everyone, my name is Tics and I need some help with regard to DC choppers. I'd like help in addressing the following: an overview of DC chopper design in terms of application and technical requirements; Design procedures for DC choppers; DC chopper topologies; A discussion of...
  25. J

    Why Does Melting Temperature Increase from Sodium to Aluminium?

    Explain why the melting temperature increases from sodium to aluminium. Why does it have to do with ions and not atoms?
  26. N

    Trends in Electrical Engineering Education

    Hi. Is there a movement in some electrical engineering programs to favour programming skills over a more hands on/electronics approach (if I could call it that)? If so, what is the motivation for this? Trends in skills demanded by industry/academia? Schools associated with more...
  27. C

    New Trends in Quantum Gravity II

    I have just seen this: http://www.fma.if.usp.br/~rivelles/Rede_Tematicos/workshop.html NEW TRENDS IN QUANTUM GRAVITY II Rede Sul-Americana de Gravitação Quântica September 8 to 11, 2009 Instituto de Física Teórica - São Paulo, Brazil SPEAKERS * G. Aldazabal (C. A...
  28. J

    What are the current and future trends in aerospace research?

    What would you say are the main focuses of research in aerospace engineering right now, specifically anything to do with aerodynamics or fluid mechanics in general. Is there a lot of research in new areas or is it mainly a lot of small tweaks in order to improve already existing systems? What do...
  29. A

    Google Trends: CS-related phrases at an all-time low

    When I took a look at Google Trends this morning, I found out that words such as "computer science," "software engineering," "programming," "c++/java" have been declining significantly over the years. Even "outsourcing" has been as well. Can anyone explain this pattern?
  30. S

    Understanding Periodic Table Trends

    Hello everyone. I am currently studying the periodic trends in my chemistry I class. So I just want to make sure I understand the concepts. Z effective= Atomic # - # of core electrons. Z increases across a row and doesn't really change going down a group. Size, radius, of atoms the...
  31. D

    Why do the boiling and melting points of alcohols increase with molecular mass?

    Homework Statement The boiling points (ºC) of methanol, ethanol, 1-propanol, 1-butanol, and 1-pentanol are 64.7, 78.5, 97.2, 117 to 118, 137.5, respectively. The melting points are -97.8, -114.1, -1277.0, -90.0, and -79.0, respectively. Explain these trends with reference to molecular...
  32. marcus

    Trends in physics, esp. new fundamental-a calm place to discuss trends

    Trends in physics, esp. new fundamental---a calm place to discuss trends Hans de Vries, I think it was, suggested a subforum where one could discuss trends. I think he meant trends in fundamental physics. Notice however that the way you measure trends, besides subjective judgement, is with data...
  33. C

    Intermolecular forces > trends in London Dispersion Forces

    My chemistry textbook states the following: "In general, larger molecules tend to have greater polarizabilities because they have a greater number of electrons and their electrons are farther from the nuclei. The strength of the dispersion forces, therefore, tends to increase with increasing...
  34. B

    Medical Proving ageing effects on brain through synthesia trends: A High-School Science Fair

    Hello all, I am doing a high-school grade science fair on the effects of aging on synesthesia. Well, at least that's what it tests, but in reality, it's the other way around, almost. Synesthesia, while, indeed, being a genetic condition, is a condition of the brain. Therefore, if the brain is...
  35. arivero

    Arxiv & Google Trends: Is There Other Trend Tool?

    Is there any other "trend tool" available in altavista or yahoo? This one is pretty fuzzy. Looking in google trends http://www.google.com/trends?q=arxiv%2C+%22physical+review%22%2C+%22prola%22&ctab=0&geo=all&date=all you can see an increase of searches for the arxiv...
  36. L

    No, I do not have a chart of trends in my text.

    Out of KF, NaF, and RbCl, does NaF have the shortest ionic bonds as well as highest lattice energy, and RbCl have the lowest melting point? Thanks
  37. R

    "Is Google Trends the Ultimate Time-Wasting Tool for Geeks?

    Time to alert you geeks to a new method of wasting hours of time looking at useless graphs. http://www.google.com/trends?q=Albert+einstein%2C+isaac+Newton%2C+galileo+galilei&ctab=1&geo=all&date=all
  38. B

    Zero-Mean Data Sets: Removing Trends & Understanding Analysis

    I'm doing a course in data analysis using IDL and we're doing trend removal. This is the heading of the section I'm on: Trend Removal/Zero Mean Data Sets The exercises are easy to program, but I just need to find something that explains data analysis. I was hoping to find an...
  39. A

    Entropy changes for reactions: Understanding Periodic Trends

    One question posed in a general chem book I have were the trends of a couple of reaction types. They don't answer the question of why, though. Maybe you can help... Identify periodic trends of these rxns: Set 1: H2 + X2 --> 2HX (X are halogens) Ex: H2(g) + Cl2(g) --> 2HCL (g)...
  40. Q

    Is it possible to calculate the prices of stock market trends with calculus?

    My grandpa is an investor . I heard some people get rich off the stock market. Is it possible to predict stock market prices? thank you
  41. P

    What are the Long-Term Trends of a Matrix in Algebra?

    hi, first-time user here although this question deals with algebra, I feel that it pertains to matricies and probability more basically, how do i find long term trends of a matrix with algebra? ex. 2 competing soft drink companines cola A, and cola B presently have 1/3 and 2/3 shares...
  42. M

    Modern trends in the numerical solution of differential equations

    :cry: I have an essay to write on modern trends in the numerical solution of differential equations. Most of the journals I've been reading are quite hectic and higher grade for me. ^^, Neway, if anybody knows of any good articlkes that i could read that would be great. Do ppl still use...
  43. C

    Exploring Periodic Table Trends: Ionization Energy, Atomic Radius, and More!

    What exactly are the trends in the periodic table? Is this right: (a) go more right (ionization energy increases) (b) go more down atomic radius increases What are the trends for second ionization energy, ionic radius, ionization energy? If you are given a electron configuration how do...
  44. J

    Periodic Trends: Explaining Atomic Mass, Ionization Energy & Electronegativity

    What are the periodic trends? I need help with them.. Regarding atomic mass, (first) ionization energy, electronegativity and anything else I am missing. Specially atomic mass, well as you go down a group and atomic number increases, atomic radius increases, ok this makes sense.. number of...
  45. G

    Drug Use Among Physics Majors: Trends & Implications

    Just wondering, what; if any are the drugs of choice of PFers. I have found most of the physics majors at my school to be stoners, I was wondering if that trend was everywhere. I myself smoke mostly on the weekends, or when I watch movies. I also drink pretty heavily on fridays./saturdays...
  46. Ivan Seeking

    Extrapolating current trends to the year 2015

    Based on all available data and using standard techniques. ...attachment coming...this is really scary.