Trying to figure out the equation in this picture

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Hi. I apologize if this thread is too stupid or if this is the wrong section.

I made a drawing a long time ago:

This should be "random man", and I bet that in his shirt there is something math/physics-related, maybe a formula. Do you have any idea? I don't remember and nothing comes to mind.

I know the clues aren't great, but I figure it's worth a try.
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Is this a recent photo?
Can you post a better one?

It took me a few moments to realize that his head is a question mark.

Here is the logo enlarged and enhanced.
Unfortunately, Gigapixel couldn't do anything with it to bring out any further details.

DlPTtBs 2.jpg
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Damn, must be hopeless then. I took the picture some time ago, maybe with another phone, I don't know, maybe it was night and the light in my room was weak. I remember that I tried to take multiple pictures because the writing wasn't visible, but to no avail, then I gave up. The drawing was lost...

Fun fact: I presume that the question mark was willingly resembling a face somehow.
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The drawing was lost...
Why not just recreate it? you've got a screen cap to work from...
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Upside down it says "Spam"...

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