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Trying to figure out the most efficient throwing motion

  1. May 30, 2012 #1
    So I am very interested in physics but cannot always grasp all the topics fully, so I decided I would get help with this from others. First, I play football and am more of a student of the game than athletic. So I was thinking about the way a person throws a football. Given the footballs shape a spiral is needed when throwing the ball along with a shift in were the weight of the body is in comparison to the arm movement. The part I cannot figure out though is the position of the arms while throwing and after throwing, where the more promininent position may be for maximum accuracy. Many people say for both hands to be on the ball and for the ball to be near the ear and released after it passes the head when the elbow is just obtuse. Also would holding the hand in place after the throw, or a follow through, really be that important for the throw? I feel that the follow through cuts down on the balls spiral. Anyone that can help thanks! And also thanks for reading this long question haha I enjoy using science to discover random things haha
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    While there is of course physics involved I think there is even more human anatomy. I can't imagine that with different hand sizes and strengths, different overall arm lengths, different forearm lengths and muscle development there is a standard 'form' for all. But there may well be basics from which to start,

    You should also note that foot and leg placement is also important; some pros can pass on the run, others can't, but I know the pros have some recommendations for foot placement and body orientation when trhowing.
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    Thanks for the help! But I personally feel that the difference in strength and body types of athletes would not make a difference, like how in basketball theres a perfect shot that few have perfected. Also the leg positioning definintly does help when throwing as most of a persons strength comes from the lower body, thanks for your input.
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