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Ttorque angular acceleration units check

  1. Jul 19, 2015 #1
    Given :

    A (hypothetical) wheel with a m.o.i. of 1 lb*ft^2

    Radius of wheel = 1.9099 inches, therefore circumference of wheel = 1 foot

    The wheel is at rest, i.e. zero rotation speed.

    A torque of 1 ft/lb is applied for 1 second

    Is the result a rotation of 1 r.p.s. (60 r.p.m.) ?

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    If you are working in the system of U.S. customary units then you should carefully distinguish between pound-mass and pound-force. I see at least two problems with your result. Let's start with the easier one: What acceleration is produced when one pound force acts on one pound mass?
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    Sorry, I meant to write the initial rotation of the wheel is zero (at rest).

    Does that make a difference ?
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    It would make a difference. But It seemed clear that we were to assume a start from rest anyway.

    Again, what acceleration would you expect from a one pound mass subject to a one pound force?
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