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Homework Help: Two and Three Current Carrying Wire

  1. May 11, 2009 #1
    If there are two or three parallel same direction current carrying wire where are two points there magnetic field is zero? Are those two points inside or outside of wires?

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    I thing, that question is not realized.
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    Didnt i explain you there... If you didnt understand that then you must have told me...

    Please show some work for christ's sake
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    Lets suppose that the current is moving from left to right. Now apply right hand thumb rule in region B. The mafnetic field of 3 would be coming out of the plane but that for 1 and 2 it would be inside the plane. And it would be near B cause the magnetic field of 3 not only has to nullify the magnetic field of 2 but of 1 also. Same goes for in the region B
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