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Courses Two courses at the same time? (Uk)

  1. Sep 12, 2012 #1
    All right, so I've been trying to find something about this subject for a while now, but I came up with nothing. I am starting my second year of engineering and I wish to drop in 3 A levels into the mix, but since I can't fit A levels into my timetable, I wanted to just sit these A levels as an external student and self teach myself at home. Unluckily my college doesn't offer such things and therefore I need to look somewhere else, I really need to find a college quickly that could allow me to sit the exams as an external student, are there any facilities that would allow me to do this near slough? The college year has already begun and I'm still looking desperately for any sort of information on this subject. I need to know whether there are any ways to finding out if a college allows external students other than in person or which colleges do offer such opportunities, if any.
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    Which A levels? For ones without coursework (no science) it will be fairly easy to find a center to sit your exams at. However if you have to do coursework, or a practical (in every science you have to) then you'll have to find an college which would allow you to do so.

    For exams centers you can search on Google schools near your area which teach A level and call them up and ask if you could simply sit the exams. There may also be exam centers which allow you to sit the exams. You'd usually have to pay the price of the exam as well as the invigilator fee (varies).
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    I'm planning to take biology, physics and maths, it seems it's going to be a rough search for biology and physics, although I think I'm going to ask whether I could squeeze in biology into my timetable at college and hopefully it will make finding some facility for physics and maths a bit easier.

    Also I'm ready to pay any fees for the A levels.
  5. Sep 13, 2012 #4
    Maths will be easy to take (C1-C4 & S1&S2 or D1/D2 or M1/M2 or any other combination of applied modules). I suggest you just look at centers which allow you to do the practicals, and then sit the A level for that exam board, that will probably be easier. Edexcel is the most popular overall, especially for maths.
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