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Two Quick Questions Regarding Lasers - I hope this is the right place to ask

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    In my math class we were given an assignment to model lasers, we have been given equations, and terms have been somewhat defined, but I do not know what the following terms are when relating to a laser. Any help in defining them would be awesome!

    What is:

    Mirror Transmission,

    Pump Strength?

    Thanks for your time and any help you can provide!

    For those interested the equations given were:

    dn/dt = GnN - kn
    dN/dt = -fN - GnN + P

    Where n is the number of photons, N is the number of excited atoms, G > 0 is the
    gain coefficient for stimulated emission, k > 0 is the decay rate due to loss of photons by mirror transmission, scattering, etc., f > 0 is the decay rate for spontaneous emission, and P is the pump strength.
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    Mirror transmission is the probably the probability that a photon will exit the laser when it hits the mirror. Pump strength is probably the rate at which the pump excites the atoms. I am just using your equations to make these guesses.
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    turin is correct. You can also think of mirror transmission as the percentage of power in an incident wave that is transmitted (vs. being reflected) by the mirror.
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    Thanks guys!
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