U.N.A.M : Applied Mathematics & Computer Science?

I have no idea. Sounds like a lot of work and it's not guaranteed you'll get in. I'd recommend looking into other options if you're interested in the Nanoscience program there.In summary, Etienne is in 12th grade and has an admission exam to U.N.A.M. for APPLIED MATHEMATICS & COMPUTER SCIENCE or Applied and Computational Mathematics. He was wondering if there was anyone here who could tell him anything interesting about the major. Can he continue his graduate studies in Applied Physics? Computer Science? Pure Maths? Theoretical Physics? If so, where? Any opinions, or comments are welcome.f
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Well, my name is Etienne and this isn't my first time posting about my choice of major. I am in 12th grade, and I have an admission exam to UNAM next month, (National Autonomous University of Mexico), for APPLIED MATHEMATICS & COMPUTER SCIENCE or I have also seen it been called Applied and Computational Mathematics. (I guess it depends on the schools? In the UK I found "Maths and Computer Science" )

Anyway... I was wondering, is there anybody here who can tell me anything interesting about the major?
Can I continue and do my graduate studies in Applied Physics? Computer Science? Pure Maths? Theoretical Physics??

(I love physics)

Does anybody know if I should be able to get into schools like Cal Tech, Princeton, Columbia, etc. coming from U.N.A.M?

Any opinions, or comments are welcome :)
Thanks for reading the post!
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If you take some physics courses while attending, then you could certainly pursue a graduate degree in physics. It all depends on what experience you gain in physics (and what kind of research experiences you can get).
I have a professor who went to U.N.A.M. for undergrad and UC Berkeley for graduate school--both in pure mathematics (though this could be very outdated). So it certainly isn't completely impossible. Now, I don't know how hard it would be to go to a school like that while transferring fields.
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Sounds like a good story, I've met a couple of people that studied at U.N.A.M. and are at M.I.T, Harvard, and Bristol... So apparently there's more stories like theirs.
I guess I should take physics classes for m electives...

Another question,
I'm a U.S. citizen, (born and raised in SD, CA) but... my parents are broke, so we moved down to Mexico like 3 years ago. Just yesterday I was in SD and I stopped by a NAVY recruiting office, and they said maybe I'd be interested in their Nuclear program, seems pretty cool, but it's not exactly what I wanted.
Do you happen to know anything about that or have an opinion?
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Hi, a math/physics student at UNAM here :)
If you love physics, then why didn't you choose to apply to the Faculty of Science (instead of FES Acatlán)?
Since it is fairly new, I can't comment on the quality of the program, but your opportunities will certainly be more limited. At the FC (Facultad de Ciencias) you have literally dozens of math, physics and CS courses to choose from, and also the freedom to take whatever courses you like (as opposed to the FES). By the way, at the FES you won't be able to take physics courses simply because all the physics majors study at the FC. Furthermore, the majority of the research institutes are located very near the FC, which makes it is easier to get some research experience while studying at the FC. I strongly advise you to consider applying to the FC instead.

Regarding your other question, it is definitely posible to get into top institutions coming from UNAM. If you work your butt off, get research experience and great rec letters, you'll have a decent chance of getting into somewhere decent.
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Hey Xiuh!
Interesting and GREAT question, and YES, I have an answer. I live in Tijuana, and Ensenada is one hour away. UNAM's CNyN (Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology) is in Ensenada, and so is UNAM's National Observatory, for Astronomy and Astrophysics. On the same "block" is CICESE, and across the street, is UABC's Faculty of Science.
Being one hour away, I applied to UNAM's Nanoscience program in Ensenada. In order to be admitted, I must first be admitted into type I or type II major. Upon being admitted, I would take another exam, and go through interviews. I thought of applying to Physics at FC, but I saw how many applicants there were, and since I just needed to get into ~whichever~ type I major, I thought I'd apply to Applied Mathematics since there are less applicants and it's the same exam. I had no intention of studying that, I just needed to get into Nanoscience. I attended a Photonics & Quantum information course recently at UNAM's CNyN... and I was able to interact with college students from UNAM, UABC and even UAM. During the course I kind of realized that I didn't really want Nanoscience, because of some things I found out. So... I started looking at the Applied Math courses, and I really like them. I figuered, "If I already applied to take the exam, and I like the courses, why not? Math and Computers sounds nice." And... that's pretty much the story. Oh and, my girlfriend was pretty 'sad' about me leaving to Ensenada or Mexico, and she decided to apply to FES Acatlan aswell, for Political Sciences.
I would like to apply to Physics at C.U. though!
I actually have a lot of questions for you xD

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