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UCL grad school - astrophysics plus engineering

  1. Oct 31, 2009 #1
    UCL grad school -- astrophysics plus engineering


    I am thinking about applying to the UCL grad school in something combining astrophysics/instrumentation/planetary. Is UCL any good? I am an non EU European, and I see that UCL has better studentships than Oxbridge --- around 15k compared to 12k. Also, it states that its involved in a lot of projects..
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    Re: UCL grad school -- astrophysics plus engineering

    I did a summer research studentship with the astrophys dept at UCL this summer and highly recommend it. Actually, I'm considering going there for grad school as well for astrophysics.

    I don't know how it compares to Oxbridge, but the people are excellent and area is very nice. I'm also non-EU but they were very accomodating in getting me situated. As far as projects go, it is pretty diverse as far as astro/intru/planetary go. I'm not sure how closely the astrophysics dept works with UCL's CoMpLeX (astrobiology/planetary science stuff) department, but my general impression was that they were.

    They have a booming cosmology sector (who doesn't these days?) and a pretty solid stellar astrophyics area as well. The instrumentation part is less well-known to me but they do have joint access with the ULO observatory which is a fantastic place to go, visit and learn as well.

    Can you elaborate some on those studentships, though? I'm kind of curious myself...
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    Re: UCL grad school -- astrophysics plus engineering

    Some kind of UCL graduate school grants. Found info on UCL pages.
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