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Under graduate PHYSICS student

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    Hello Everyone,
    I am an under graduate PHYSICS student and this year I am going to take INTRODUCTORY course in electronics. Can you suggest me a book on this subjects. Since I am a physics student so the book should also contain mathematical calculations (most of books don't contain one). Calculations should be algebraic or (if needed calculus) in nature.
    Yours help will be deeply appreciated.
    Thank you for your attention.
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    Re: Electronics


    since you are doing an introductory course I suggest you to go through the Basic elelctronics by Grob. but you wont find many equations there.

    tyr to find a book be Sedra smith.

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    Re: Electronics

    Try a book titled "The art of electronics".
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    Re: Electronics

    "Foundations of Electrical Engineering, 2nd Edition" by J. R. Cogdell. It's a calculus based introduction to circuits.
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